Understanding Vision Insurance

Diabetic Eye Disease is Leading Cause of Vision Loss in US

Vision A majority of vision insurance plans dont handle any type of medical diagnosis, testing, treatment or consultation. Your vision coverage will only take care of eyeglasses and medical coverage. If you have any kind of medical concerns that deal with your eyes, then theyll be considered to be part of your medical insurance coverage. There are situations where a medical condition needs to be taken care of and corrected before the state of your vision can be adequately evaluated. If theres ever a time where you have a medical issue with your eyes and you only have vision coverage, youll want to ask to see if its okay for you to use your vision insurance and take care of the necessary medical costs out-of-pocket. This option is usually less expensive and easier than having to visit an optometrist as well as a medical doctor.
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Eye Diseases May Go Unnoticed in Individuals with Diabetes

Too much sugar in the blood can cause damage throughout the body, including the eyes. Over time, diabetes affects the circulation system of the retina, the light sensitive lining at the back of the eye. “Many eye problems show no symptoms until they are in an advanced stage, and that is why we recommend that people with diabetes in particular have an eye examination by a doctor of optometry at least once a year,” said Tina MacDonald, O.D., a Certified Diabetes Educator and a member of the AOA’s Health Promotions Committee. “When the eyes are dilated, an eye doctor is able to examine the retina for signs of diabetic eye disease and prescribe a course of treatment to help preserve an individual’s sight.” According to the AOA’s 2013 American Eye-Q consumer survey, only 32 percent of respondents are aware that diabetic eye disease often has no visual signs or symptoms.
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If the condition is allowed to progress, it ruptures these vessels and leaks blood into the eye. Also, they can spread and grow on the surface of the retina and cause scarring. But, this is a kind of condition that can be treated easily with early detection and appropriate follow-up. The risk can be reduced to 95% by going for the same. People are also advised to quit smoking as it causes an increased risk of diabetic retinopathy and other diabetes-related eye diseases.
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