More Weight-loss Pills Found Dosed With Speed-like Drugs

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Amphetamine risks The relatively high levels of beta-methylphenethylamine found in nine of the supplements indicate that the ingredient was not an accidental contaminant, Cohen said. “Basically, the label ‘Acacia rigidula’ is being used as a cover for introducing a brand new synthetic drug similar to amphetamine,” Cohen said. Amphetamines can make people feel energized, but also have serious risks, including addiction and increased risk of stroke, Cohen said. More studies are needed to determine the risks of beta-methylphenethylamine in people.
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15 Worst Snacks for garcinia cambogia side effects Weight Loss

But you’ll satisfy your craving more if you go for the real deal, an ounce of 70% (or higher) dark chocolate. It contains 168 calories (just a few more calories than the average pudding cup, which ranges from 120 to 150 calories), plus less sugar and carbs, and more satiating fiber. The chocolate also has antioxidant-packed cocoa, which, per a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine, may be the reason people who eat it a few times a week are thinner than those who don’t. If portioning is an issue for you, Endangered Species Organic Dark Chocolate Chimp Mints ($50, pack of 64; ) come in .35 oz each (so you can have 3!), or try 1-oz Scharffen Berger 70% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate bars ($4; Instead of: A handful of baby carrots Reach for: A handful of baby carrots dipped in 2 Tbsp hummus Sure, your mouth will be busy chewing like a rabbit, but once you stop munching, you’re still going to be hungry.
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Do Weight Loss Pills Work? Diet Recommendations Offers Shocking Answer

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( — November 21, 2013) Boston, MA –Weight loss pills have got a bad rap in the last few years as a result of the many diet pill scams and celebrity endorsements of products that just don’t work at all. Diet Recommendations, a leading health and wellness blog devoted to sound dietary and exercise practices has a very unique outlook on whether weight loss pills on the market today work or not. First and foremost the staff from Diet Recommendations sticks by the fact that the key to safe and lasting weight loss is all about making the proper lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes are typically centered around making the right food choices and being more active. In a new video on the best weight loss pills they mention that there are diet pills that work, but they merely work to enhance and boost the processes that are already supposed to be happening naturally in the body. There are actually several natural herbs and ingredients that are added to some great fat burners on the market that can enhance weight loss through increasing metabolism slightly and some that even have ingredients to lower blood sugar levels naturally . Some of the best supplements for health and weight loss are in the form of highly concentrated fruits and vegetables packing a super punch of vital nutrients and antioxidants that allow the body to work at its full potential. Supplements such as Athletic Greens and Amazing Grass have helped many people increase their energy levels, and with increased energy comes increased calorie expenditure which can be targeted on burning fat faster. The body was designed to work very efficiently to burn excess fat and calories but through the traditional western diet many Americans have damaged their metabolisms and lack the God given nutrients in their body for it to work properly. The best weight loss pills are merely concentrations of natural foods that help these mechanisms along to efficiently do their fat burning job.
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Dieting Companies Now Targeting Men

Beyond the multimillion-dollar campaign lies the hope for company expansion. Burwick estimated that only one-quarter of men who have weight problems actively seek to lose weight. That means plenty aren’t spending money on weight loss products and programs, at least not yet. Aside from the attention paid by Madison Avenue, some men said they’re learning they need more than just a plan; they need people to hold them accountable and to relate to their struggles. Lloyd Dinwiddie, an entertainment correspondent who goes by the name Gyant , said men don’t often talk about their diets with other men, something he pure garcinia cambogia said he wishes would change. Though his nickname comes from his 6-foot-8-inch frame, Dinwiddie said not everyone appreciates his desire to slim down, and after years of diets, he’s trying new techniques.
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Sleep Disorders: Insomnia

Truck drivers and doctors are also at increased risk, as are parents and teenagers. Many American teenagers are forced to wake up quite early for school and this can affect sleep patterns even though continued for a long time. A lack of physical activity during the day can also contribute. Certain physiological abnormalities can also contribute, directly or indirectly, to sleep problems, such as abnormalities in major body systems (brain, nervous system, cardiovascular system, immune system). Not all Sleep Problems Develop into Disorders Stress is the number one cause of short-term sleep issues, and many sleep issues will dissipate when the stress levels return to normal.
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Sleep Disorders in AD

Surgery of any kind, as well as back injuries, may precipitate or worsen restless leg syndrome. Medications known to worsen symptoms include anti-nausea drugs, caffeine antihistamines, antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs, and anti-seizure medications. Patients with gluten sensitivity enteropathy may notice a worsening of symptoms when gluten is ingested. Because restless leg syndrome is associated with low iron levels, all patients with symptoms should have iron and ferritin levels. Iron supplements are often used as a treatment for restless leg syndrome. In familial cases, folic acid supplements, vitamin E and ginkgo biloba are reported to improve symptoms.
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Sleep Disorders in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

When they performed sleep studies of 343 people meeting the Fukuda definition of ME/CFS, they found that 104 – nearly a third – had a primary sleep disorder that explained their symptoms, and thus didn’t have ME/CFS at all. A 1/3 misdiagnosis rate is enough of a reason to look more closely for sleep disorders. In those who didn’t have primary sleep disorders, just under 90% met the criteria for at least one measurable sleep problem. Researchers identified four different groups based on sleep abnormalities. They were: Group 1: Slower to get to sleep, delayed Rapid Eye Movement (REM), lower percentages of stage 2 and REM sleep; Group 2: More frequent awakenings; Group 3: Longer total sleep time, less delayed REM sleep, higher percentage of REM sleep, lower percentage of wake time; Group 4: Shortest total sleep time, highest percentage of wake time after sleep onset. Researchers concluded that doctors need to routinely screen for sleep disorders when considering an ME/CFS diagnosis, and that they should use sleep studies to identify sleep problems and tailor treatments to the specific groups.
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Understanding Vision Insurance

Diabetic Eye Disease is Leading Cause of Vision Loss in US

Vision A majority of vision insurance plans dont handle any type of medical diagnosis, testing, treatment or consultation. Your vision coverage will only take care of eyeglasses and medical coverage. If you have any kind of medical concerns that deal with your eyes, then theyll be considered to be part of your medical insurance coverage. There are situations where a medical condition needs to be taken care of and corrected before the state of your vision can be adequately evaluated. If theres ever a time where you have a medical issue with your eyes and you only have vision coverage, youll want to ask to see if its okay for you to use your vision insurance and take care of the necessary medical costs out-of-pocket. This option is usually less expensive and easier than having to visit an optometrist as well as a medical doctor.
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Eye Diseases May Go Unnoticed in Individuals with Diabetes

Too much sugar in the blood can cause damage throughout the body, including the eyes. Over time, diabetes affects the circulation system of the retina, the light sensitive lining at the back of the eye. “Many eye problems show no symptoms until they are in an advanced stage, and that is why we recommend that people with diabetes in particular have an eye examination by a doctor of optometry at least once a year,” said Tina MacDonald, O.D., a Certified Diabetes Educator and a member of the AOA’s Health Promotions Committee. “When the eyes are dilated, an eye doctor is able to examine the retina for signs of diabetic eye disease and prescribe a course of treatment to help preserve an individual’s sight.” According to the AOA’s 2013 American Eye-Q consumer survey, only 32 percent of respondents are aware that diabetic eye disease often has no visual signs or symptoms.
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Eman Moss and Tiffany Moss arrested: 10-year-old child found dead in trash can

If the condition is allowed to progress, it ruptures these vessels and leaks blood into the eye. Also, they can spread and grow on the surface of the retina and cause scarring. But, this is a kind of condition that can be treated easily with early detection and appropriate follow-up. The risk can be reduced to 95% by going for the same. People are also advised to quit smoking as it causes an increased risk of diabetic retinopathy and other diabetes-related eye diseases.
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